Other Risks

With the exception of the guarantee for the instruments, the following guarantees are not available to persons not residing in France.




Other Risks

Insurance of other risks


Music school, music association or artistic agent

We cover :

  • Your general civil liability,
  • Your professional civil liability to cover your contractual commitments,
  • Your “show organizer" responsability,
  • Your civil liability as an agent of your organizations for any faults they may commit,
  • The instruments you borrow or rent.

These guarantees can be taken out on an annual or short-term basis.
They require a case-by-case study, so do not hesitate to contact us.


Instrumental musician, lyric artist…

We offer you to insure the loss of your profession following accidents or illnesses that wouId prevent you from continuing to practice your art, up to the amount of the desired capital (your salary), whether you are intermittent or employed in a national entity.

Download the questionnaire “Perte de profession"