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Other Risks

We have elaborated a specific contract for musical instruments that meets the particular needs of musicians.


Which instruments can be insured?

All musical instruments, whatever their value, age, workmanship (study or craft) and operating mode (electric or not).
Sound equipment can be covered by a different specific policy. Their accessories such as cases or supports are also covered.
Cases not declared to the contract are covered up to a limit of 300 euros per case, against complete deterioration and theft with the insured instrument.


For what value?

A certificate of value under two years old is required when taking out the policy. The value written on this document and established by a professional who has a thorough knowledge of the instrument, will be used as a reference for the compensation of losses as well as for the calculation of your premium. It is the value of the instrument on the day of subscription and not its purchase value or replacement value when new.
It is strongly recommended that you renew this certificate every five years.


Which risks are covered?

All material accidental damage is covered: fire, breaking, theft, loss…
The theft guarantee is very extensive: theft without breaking and entering is covered.
Transport is guaranteed but “theft in a private vehicle" is optional for instruments worth less than €15,000.
Damage due to climatic phenomena or atmospheric variations is covered with a deductible of €120.


In what places?

Everywhere: at home, in conservatories, concert halls, in the street…


In which countries?

You can choose between a guarantee only in your home or worldwide.


What is the duration of the contract?

The contract has a one year duration with tacit renewal, subject to two months notice of termination.


What is the indemnity?

All the repairs are reimbursed within the limit of the value of the instrument as stated in the contract. No deductible is applied except for damage due to natural disasters and climatic or atmospheric phenomena.
In the event of total disappearance or destruction of the instrument, the compensation cannot exceed the value of the instrument registered in the contract.
If, despite its restoration, the instrument suffers a loss of value, its depreciation is compensated up to 50% of the value stated in the contract.


Additional guarantees :

If necessary and in case of reparable damage, we can take care of:

  • Either the cost of renting a replacement instrument of the same nature and value, for the time it takes to repair it, up to a limit of 10% of the value of your instrument declared in the contract and for a maximum of 60 days.
  • Or the travel or transportation expenses of your instrument to your luthier up to 10% of the value of the instrument declared in the contract and within the limit of €300.


The optional guarantee “theft in private vehicle"

This option is only available for instruments under €15,000 and against surcharge.

It covers material losses resulting from the theft or breaking and entering of your vehicle on the express condition that the instruments have been placed in the locked trunk.

The guarantee does not apply to vehicles whose bodywork configuration allows the instruments to be seen from the outside, unless otherwise agreed for bulky instruments and against a 15% surcharge.


What is the premium ?

Annual guarantees
These rates do not include any additional file or registration fees:

  • For instruments under €15 000:
    • With the " theft in private vehicle" guarantee:  Annual rate including tax : 2%
    • Without the “" theft in private vehicle" " guarantee : Annual rate including tax : 1.47%
  • For instruments over €15 000:
    • Without the “vehicle theft" guarantee: Annual rate including tax: 1%
  • For all instruments up to €20 000: and above: please contact us

The minimum premium is €57.39 per year.

Temporary guarantees
We also offer musical instrument insurance for shorter durations, for the time of a concert, an audition or a trial loan for sale.

  • The guarantees are the same as those offered worldwide on a yearly basis without the optional guarantee “theft in a private vehicle".
  • The pricing is determined according to the value of the instrument and the duration of the insurance.

The minimum premium is €63.10 per year.

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