Other Risks

Luthier’s insurance

In order to meet the specific needs and wishes of everyone, we offer you several insurance solutions.



For those who wish to insure their entire business, we have negotiated a specific all-in-one contract that covers:

In your workshop:
against fire, break-in, theft, disappearance, breakage and water damage

  • your wood and other materials
  • your instruments in production and ready for sale
  • instruments in your care for repair, restoration, tuning, or deposit for sale
  • instruments that you are lending out on a trial basis for sale or exhibition purposes
  • your special tools
  • and all your other assets

Outside your workshop:
against fire, break-in, theft, disappearance, breakage and water damage.

  • instruments on loan for testing for sale, for an event, within a limit of 30 days, unless otherwise exempted
  • the instruments you are exhibiting
  • the instruments you ship



We have developed a group policy that allows you to insure instruments you ship against fire, theft with or without break-in, breakage and water damage without deductible, worldwide, by any means of transport.

Instruments are therefore covered regardless of their value, materials and age.
Rate incl. tax per shipment: 0.153%
Minimum premium: €13.72



For instrument makers who do not wish to take out a contract or who want separate specific guarantees, we have negotiated with our partner companies to provide you with other solutions for

  • the instruments you rent
  • the instruments you lend out for various occasions: concerts, try-outs…

Download the form “Workshop"

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